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Case Study

New Otani: View & Dining The Sky

Online reservation made it possible for customers to book 24/7

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View & Dining The Sky is located on the 17th floor in Hotel New Otani, one of the finest hotels in Tokyo, with an amazing 360 degree view of the city. On a clear sunny day, you can even catch a breathtaking glimpse of Mt. Fuji right from your seat. Selected by Singapore Tatler magazine as one of "5 Of The Best Revolving Restaurants In The World", View & Dining The Sky has been a Tokyo landmark ever since it was built for the 1960 Tokyo Olympic Games.

The Challenge

There are many aspects of the Hotel New Otani’s storied history which View & Dining The Sky cherishes and preserves. Their outdated paper-and-pencil reservation book, however, was in dire need of modernization. “We have been recording reservation information in reservations book, and when we received a reservation request, we would need to check a separate seating sheet. It got especially complicated when reservations are changed and canceled because the seating sheet would end up looking like a puzzle. This created a mess of human errors—we only have one reservation book but 3 phones!”

With 2020 Olympics approaching, The Sky is also seeing an influx of foreign tourists. They notice that they are slightly behind regarding implementing a system with multiple languages. While looking for a solution for their problematic reservation system, they also wanted a solution that provided multilingual support.


TableSolution provided an online platform that is connected to View & Dining The Sky’s homepage, enabling customers to book directly from their site without being transferred to a different page. Additionally, TableSolution supports over 14 foreign languages making booking simple for customers who are not familiar with either Japanese or English.


View & Dining The Sky has smoothly transitioned customers from booking via phone to online (TableCheck), reducing staff’s stress levels when managing complex booking procedures. The Sky now receives 36% of their reservations outside business hours, capturing previously missed opportunity. Using the rich customer data accumulated through their online bookings, The Sky can now create more effective marketing campaigns and provide a more personalized service for their guests.

Mr. Yoshiaki Sugiki and Mr. Kunihiko Iwasaki, VIEW & DINING THE Sky
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