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Higashiyama Garden

Our business model is different from other ordinary restaurants, but TableSolution has found a way to catered to our needs.

Higashiyama Garden (part of STYLES group) is a French restaurant and also venue for wedding ceremonies. Since its opening in 2012, it has been one of the most popular places for dining and weddings in Kiyomizu, Kyoto.

The Challenge

The main challenge STYLES faces is their reservation system. They have been rapidly expanding in recent years opening up restaurants in Kyoto, Nagoya, and Okayama; however, given their advancement in growing the business, their reservation system is not advancing at the same pace. They have been using reservation books to note down all customers bookings and have noticed that there are frequent human errors using reservation books. In addition, since they only have one reservation book, information sharing between staff is extremely difficult.

Higashiyama Garden is known for their original “Kyoto-inspired French” cuisine. This uniqueness of their dishes attracts customers to keep visiting their restaurant. Repeated customers are certainly encouraging, yet without the right system to record customers data, it’s hard to analysis customers behaviors and predicts trends. It’s crucial for STYLES to document this information and they haven’t been able to find a way to store all these data efficiently.


TableSolution has completely solved Higashiyama Garden’s reservation problems. Staff can view both restaurant and bridal reservations at once and instantly check venue and seats availabilities enabling them to maximize seating usage and minimize loss opportunities.

Regarding their CRM problems, they have been relying on staff’s memory to remember their frequent customers in the past. After TableSolution POS integration, they can view and track all customers orders and spending, making it easy to access and retrieve customers data. This information allows them to be extra confident when accommodating repeat customers. Furthermore, they have found it useful for managers to manage multiple stores at the same time.


Higashiyama Garden dramatically reduced human errors while maximizing usage and seating capacity. Information sharing across all stores has exceptionally improved overall customer satisfaction. This information also helped them in strategizing and expand their current business.

Favorite Features

POS Integration

  • Customer information, orders, and spendings are automatically recorded

Consolidating Reservation Across Booking Channels

  • Consolidating reservation information from all other online reservation sites
  • Reducing human errors when manually transferring reservation information into their system


  • Automated phone number for phone reservations

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THE STYLES Manager Ms. Tsurunosono

THE STYLES Manager Ms. Tsurunosono


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