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While looking for ways to deliver our "HUGE-esque" standards of world-class customer service, when we discovered TableSolution it was love-at-first-sight.

President and CEO, Yoshihiro ShinkawaPresident and CEO, Yoshihiro Shinkawa

"HUGE-esque" describes the unique vision put forth by HUGE President and CEO, Yoshihiro Shinkawa: a diverse and wholly original blend of restaurants, with both upscale and casual dining brands spanning Italian, Japanese, Mexican motifs, unified by a highly personalized customer experience. How can HUGE leverage TableSolution's powerful customer communication features to raise customer engagement to an unprecendented level?

The Challenge: Deliver uniquely "HUGE-esque" standards of customer service.

HUGE has set a goal that each customer should finish their meal feeling that "The staff remembered me and cared for my needs." With an large existing customer base, an innovative reservation and customer management system will be essential to acheive this arduous target.

System Decision: HUGE seeks an IT partner who shares its vision of world-class service.

HUGE drafted numerous system requirements including speed, flexibility, capacity, multi-location, and multi-language support. More than a fixed system specification, however, HUGE sought a partner company who shared in it's vision in delivering unprecedented restaurant service. After considering a wide range of systems and vendors, TableSolution emerged as the clear choice.

Implementation: HUGE adds customer-centric management, phone integration, text messaging features to realize "HUGE-esque" service.

Using TableSolution, HUGE can now see consolidated guest history across all of its restaurant locations. When customers call, HUGE staff sees a pop-up in TableSolution with the guest name and information on upcoming bookings. Customers receive reminders on the day before their scheduled visit, reducing the rate of no-shows which cause opportunity loss for the merchant.

Result: Online reservation rate has doubled from 20% to 40% of total bookings. Customer satisfaction has reached strasopheric levels.

When a customer calls via mobile phone during peak hours, HUGE staff can now press a button to send a text message containing a link to web booking via TableSolution. Online reservations via TableSolution are completely free, with no per-cover charge. By directing customers to book via web, HUGE has greatly reduced staff resource utilization, created a massive cost-save, and at the same time receives a higher quality of customer information in each booking. In certain restaurants, HUGE has acheived an online reservation rate to as high as 60% of total bookings—a number virtually unheard of in Japan—without incurring any per-customer charge.

Next Steps: Continue to streamline the web booking experience, including online credit card pre-reservations.

Having realized a high degree automation in customer engagement, HUGE now looks to leverage the next generation of TableSolution features. In 2016, HUGE will begin to accept credit card for online bookings via TableSolution, and will be able to charge cancel fees in certain customers, such as last-minute cancellations by large groups. HUGE continues to use TableSolution at the heart of its booking workflow, and provides frequent training to its staff around best-practices.

HUGE's Favorite Features

Text Messaging (SMS)

HUGE uses TableSolution to text reservation confirmation messages to all guests, whether they book via the phone or via web. Customers can cancel or change their booking via a web link in the text message—even if they originally booked via phone!

Guests also receive a reminder text the day before their reservation. In this manner, HUGE realizes an unprecendented level of customer-mindedness.

Phone Integration

Each time a customer calls, the HUGE staff immediately sees a pop-up in TableSolution containing the guest name and any upcoming bookings across all restaurant HUGE locations.

The HUGE staff may then greet the caller by name, and easily modify their reservation: "Thank you for calling, Mr. Smith. Is this in regard to your reservation this Thursday?"

Customer Management (CRM)

HUGE uses TableSolution to record customer notes, likes, and dislikes, so that any staff at any HUGE location may deliver a tailored hospitality experience on each visit.

Leveraging TableSolution's powerful customer search and filtering capabilities, HUGE can create bespoke targeted email campaigns and send at the press of a button.

About HUGE

With the motto "A restaurant where our heartbeats gather," HUGE operates a diverse portfolio of dining locations and aims to set a new high-standard of service in the restaurant and wedding industries.

With 17 locations of 8 original brands, from the upscale Italian cuisine "Restaurant Dazzle" in Ginza, to the vibrant "Mucho Modern Mexicano," to stylish casual dining "Rigoletto," HUGE continually evolves fresh restaurant concepts.

Aiming to produce uncommon dining experiences, HUGE seeks to change culture through taste and atmosphere. HUGE blends local and international roots with it's own unique character, creating original restaurants which others can immitate but none can replicate.

Photo of Huge company CEO Yoshihiro Shinkawa

Please come and drop by our restaurants whenever you're in the neighborhood. We welcome you to have a wonderful time.

Photo of Huge company CEO Yoshihiro ShinkawaPresident and CEO, Yoshihiro Shinkawa
More info

Restaurant Dazzle

Ginza, Tokyo
110 seats
¥10,000 ~ 15,000

RIGOLETTO Bar and Grill

Roppongi Hills, Tokyo
164 seats
¥3,000 ~ 4,000

Hacienda del Cielo

Daikanyama, Tokyo
116 seats
¥4,000 ~ 5,000

※ HUGE uses TableSolution to manage reservations and customers across all its locations.


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