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“TableSolution listens to our wishes and quickly turns them into reality. That’s why I decided to work with them.”

Jillion Co. Ltd. currently operates 4 restaurants in Tokyo. The success of their restaurants is made possible by offering excellent customer satisfaction.

The Challenge

Jillion believes that customer satisfaction is not merely customer service, it’s the whole experience customers have with the restaurant. That means, knowing guests’ names, times and dates of their recent visits, food and drinks they ordered and their favorite dishes is vital in providing the perfect experience. This is achieved by collecting customer information. They have been documenting and storing value customer information on papers and notebooks, but they realized that it was impossible to continue with this documenting method because of risks such as material aging, misplacement, and loss.


TableSolution has strengthened their CRM area, making recording, accessing and storing customer information simpler and easier. Thanks to TableSolution, customer data can be access across all restaurants allowing them to identify each guest regardless of which restaurant they visit. CTI—the feature to instantly display customer name and reservation information on-screen when a customer calls—allows Jiliion to provide exceptional customer service at the first point of contact.


Since the integration of TableSolution, customer information collected was 1.5 times higher, and they can accurately count and verify all repeated customers. “Our vision is to create an impressive and memorable restaurant experience for our customers, and TableSolution has made that possible” - Yoshida-san, CEO of Jillion.

Favorite Features

Computer Telephone Integation (CTI)

  • Automatically display customer information and reservation details when they call
  • Staff can address customers by their name and immediately view their reservation details

POS Integration

  • Automatically record customers orders and spendings
  • Access past customer records easily

SMS Reservation Reminders

  • SMS confirmation sent when customer make an online or a phone reservation
  • SMS reservation reminders are sent to customers a day prior to their booking

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CEO Mr. Yoshida

CEO Mr. Yoshida


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