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TableSolution provides a central place to manage all your restaurant operations to ease your pain

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Point-of-Sales Integration

Integrate reservations with the POS system and see real-time check status on reservations. Have customer's POS checks automatically attached to each reservation and track your highest spenders.

Bookings from Online Travel Agencies

Continue using as many marketing websites as you want, to attract new customers and let reservations from them automatically flow into TableSolution. Track sources of bookings and know which OTA gets you maximum reservations at the lowest costs.

Payment Gateways

TableSolution supports a variety of Payment Gateways like GMO, Stripe, WeChat Pay, etc. in different countries. Charge your customers for reservations and keep cancellations and no shows at bay.

Data Analytics

Insight is a data analytics tool designed to assist restaurants in making intelligent decisions and provide restaurants with optimized data collected through reservations

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Switched from a third-party system in order to "attack the market," acquire new customers, and increase bookings.

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