Stop missing out on reservations

Take online reservations directly on your site. Guests are able to see availablility and make reservations in real time. For those diners who prefer calling in to your restaurant, TableSolution offers an automatic phone reservation system to use when staff members aren’t available or the shop is closed. All this plus powerful features such as credit card course pre-payment, cancelation charges, importing reservations from other platforms and many more.

Integrate reservations on your website

Online reservations

All TableSolution subscriptions include unlimited online reservations. Just add a reservations link to your navigation or the completely customizable widget to your site and let us handle the rest.

  • No cover fees. Fully integrated free of charge reservations.
  • Pre-payment. Offer courses, special dishes and menu options.
  • Cancellation fee. Discourage no shows with variable cancellation charges.
  • Multilingual. Attract international guests and eliminate reservation errors.

TableSolution is aware when there are seats available across all your restaurants, and will recommend them to guests according to rules you specify when there are no seats available at the diners prefered location.

3rd Party Integration

Paid media

TableSolution allows yout to automatically import reservations from all major online travel agency (OTA) platforms. Integrates seamlessly with all other reservations so you only need one dashboard!

  • Save time. Eliminate errors and staff hours spent on copying reservations.
  • Analyze. Single out and focus on the OTAs with the higest ROI.
  • Insentivize. Target customers to move into owned reservation channels.

Cancel Protection for Online and Phone Reservations

Deposit & Prepayment

Whether your reservations come from phone, online, or both; TableSolution allows you to request your guests’ credit card details for an advance payment at the time they make the reservation. In the events of no-shows or sudden cancelations, restaurant can charge a cancelation fee from their pre-registered card credit.

For online reservations, TableSolution allows you to create a tailor-made reservation page featuring customizable menu items and seasonal menu selection that allows your guests pre-order meals prior to their visits.

Reservations and charges are handled by the same platform so no transferring names and sensitive payment details.

  • Pre-payment: Accept orders and pre-payment at the time of booking
  • Cancellation protection: Reduce no-shows and cancellations
  • Promotions: Offer exclusive deals to fill more of your tables
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Accept reservations 24 hours a day

Automated phone reservations

Accept phone reservations during busy and off-hours using our patented phone reservation system, the first of its kind. Integrates seamlessly with all other reservations.

  • Unplug. Set all reservations to be handled systematically and save time.
  • Reduce errors. Eliminate reservation errors over the phone.
  • Multilingual. Support diners to make reservations in a 5 different languages.

Notify customers automatically

Notify customers via SMS and email

Reduce forgetfulness and automate reservation confirmation to reduce no shows. Automated SMS or email notifications for diners to notify when reservations are accepted.

  • Notfications. Automated SMS & email notfications for reservations.
  • Confirmation. Request customers to double-confirm reservations.
  • Reminders. Automatic reminders a day prior to the reservation.

Phone reservations

Avoid errors in manual reservations

Easily create reservations over the phone, reducing staff input by linking to customer profile or taking all necessary information for new profiles.

  • One screen. All necessary information is easily added on one screen.
  • Shortcuts. Icons and text templates available to save time and effort.
  • Notifications. Automatically send SMS confirmations and a link to edit or cancel reservations online.

We bring diners to you

Introducing Tablecheck

TableCheck is the easiest way for diners to browse and reserve a unforgettable dining experience. If you don't have a website or wish to attract more tourists through our translated restaurant profiles TableCheck is the perfect online channel.

  • No fees. No monthly fees or cover charges.
  • Preserve profit. Course bookings and cacellation fees.
  • No delay. Instantly confirm guests reservations.
  • Capture. offer tables at alternative locations when selected restaurant is full.

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