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Conrad Seoul

The 37Grill in Conrad Seoul was able to secure 163 transactions over 55 million Korean Won as pre-payment

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Will Kim

Conrad Seoul

"Famous for our grill and also the mesmerizing view, the 37Grill in Conrad Seoul was able to secure 163 transactions over 55M Korean Won as pre-payment from our guests for our annual Christmas & New Years Eve Countdown Party through CNP powered through TableCheck."

Admired for its globally inspired architecture and stunning Han River and skyline views, Conrad Seoul appeals to travelers for whom life, business and pleasure seamlessly intersect. Nestled on Yeouido, Conrad Seoul is the closest hotel to Seoul's international airports and offers direct access to the International Finance Towers.

The Challenge

“Like any other restaurant, maintaining relationships and providing unforgettable experiences is what we try to do for our clients that come to our restaurants”

Conrad Seoul’s Food and Beverage team has been working relentlessly to deliver memorable experiences to their clients. However, they also wanted to increase traffic from various online channels. They were looking for better practices to implement so that they could expand their reach to more clients. They were looking for a ‘solution’ to rectify their challenges.

In 2016, TableSolution was introduced as a replacement from their previous provider to help bring positive changes to their business.

Solution & Results

Through the efforts of the implementation team on-site working in collaboration with the passionate F&B staff at Conrad Seoul, four venues out of seven implemented TableSolution and started to build and share customer information in real-time. Since the implementation of TableSolution, in two accounts of flash sales in January and October of 2019, the buffet restaurant, Zest, was able to accumulate a day worth of revenue within 72 hours of accepting reservations. Furthermore, 37 Grill, which is one of Conrad Seoul’s most admired restaurants, was able to secure 163 transactions equivalent to nearly 55M Korean won in deposit for their annual Christmas & New Years’ Eve Countdown Party through CNP integration.

A card-not-present (CNP) transaction takes place when neither the credit card nor the cardholder is physically present for a transaction.

37 Grill and Bar
SunHee Koong, Assistant Manager, Food & Beverage Marketing, Conrad Seoul
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A Millennial, passionate for hospitality and seeks to be part of the global community

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